About us

One of the reasons that I decided to relaunch this blog, and start sharing our family activities and routines is because, over the years, I have found so much inspiration from other bloggers.

If not for other parents sharing their craft ideas, I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start with creating fun and educational activities for my daughter. The same can be said for all the other planner bloggers who have inspired (aka: enabled) me along the way, and for the flylady and other women like her, who taught me step by step how to keep a clean home.

So before we get started and you begin to explore the pages of this blog, I want to thank the bloggers who came before me.

I admit that most of the ideas in this blog aren’t my own, they grew from seeds sown by other parents and planners and blog posters around the world.

So thank you all for sharing your ideas and your lives. I am better for it.


I started this blog because I wanted a place to write about our little family.

First things first, let me introduce us, I am a 34 year old freelance writer, married to a 34 year old Aspie chef.

Our daughter Juniper, is a spirited, intelligent and brave little girl.
She is also an Aspie, so in our household I am the one who is not ‘neurotypical’ – and that’s just the way I like it!

Aside from my little family, I’m passionate about planning – I desperately in love with my Filofax! – I love getting things organised and having everything in its place. I also have a small-medium online shopping addiction.. and I mainly buy things to help me clean, organise, or run our home – either that or fun crafty stuff for Juniper.

This is a place to share my adventures in motherhood, in planning and in life.

Wherever my adventures takes me, I’ll be here sharing the journey with you – oh imaginary blog reader. Wish me luck.


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