Month: June 2011

Overdue – the pressure of a post dates pregnancy

I am not the kind of woman who believes in “due” dates and during my pregnancy, whenever anyone asked me when I was due I would reply – much to their frustration – with a vague “oh sometime in January”. My “due” date was January 25th, but I was under no illusions that I would actually give birth on that day and preferred not to have everyone else thinking in terms of dates as the pregnancy progressed. Although I don’t subscribe to the idea of due dates, I was secretly having my own internal countdown because I fully expected to give birth early, I myself had been born at 37 weeks and had kind of figured that my own child would follow that same pattern, so I was pretty surprised when my 38th week came and went. As my official due date approached I kept joking that as one of the few women who refused to acknowledge their due date I would most likely be one of the small percentage (5%) to actually give birth on that day. As that Tuesday dawned I was pretty convinced that that was exactly what was going to happen, but the day came to a close with no baby, just like all the days before it.