Month: June 2014

Current Set-up – Inserts

Continuing on from the post about the tabs in my current set-up, I wanted to share some photos of the inserts that I have been using for the last year.

If you read the previous post, you’ll already know that for the last year I have had planner peace with my Filofax A5 Holborn Zip, with Life is Crafted week on 2 pages inserts.




I would have been happy to stay with this set up FOREVER – that’s how great the LIC inserts are, but my life is getting busier and busier and these days I just need MORE space than the Life is Crafted allows for, so I’m transitioning into another system. But before I do, I wanted to give a shout-out to Arienne at Life is Crafted because these inserts have been amazing for me and I want everyone to know about them!

How I Use LIC Inserts

The top section of the Wo2p is blank so it can be used for anything you like. I use that section for meal planning and to record my daily Flylady tasks.

The dated section has times running from 8am-8pm, which didn’t really suit my schedule since I usually work well into the night, so rather than use that for timed appointments I just kind of added work commitments in, in the order that they needed to be tackled. If I ever have a time sensitive appointment (like the doctor for example) I’ll add it in on a piece of washi so it stands out.

In the blank line at the top of the dated section I put my husbands work schedule. He is on a roster system so his work times change every week.

During the week pictured above we had my Mum visiting from out of town as you can see from the banner stickers.

The top 3 priorities I usually leave blank, my priorities are a little more broad so I always filled in the ‘top 3 priorities for week’ section in the top right corner instead.

In the to do today area I plan out my daughter’s learning activities for the week.. I usually have that section filled out about 6 weeks in advance.

The remember! area is used to keep track of people’s birthdays, and I also put a reminder in the week prior to birthdays so I can remember to mail a card.

On the right hand side is the top 3 weekly priorities section which I mentioned above, then there are some blank boxes which I use to keep track of work that needs to be billed as well as any outstanding invoices. Then at the bottom is a gratitude box, where I end the week by writing 5 things I’ve been grateful for in the week.

When a task is completed it gets a tick, and if it needs to be rescheduled it gets a line through it with an arrow to show that it was moved elsewhere.

Usually by the end of my week my planner looks more like this:


That’s a different week than the one pictured above obviously but it will give you a bit of an idea of why I need to transition to a system with more room!

I had intended to move into the Life is Crafted day to a page – I even bought them – but I found that not being able to see an overview of my week was stressing me out, so I’m now moving into the DIYfish inserts which give me even more room with 2 pages per day, plus I can see both my weekly and monthly view all at one time. (sorry Arienne!)

I’m already using the DIYfish weekly and monthly pages, but I’ll update the blog again when I’m completely moved in and let you all see how I’m using them.


Learning About Hard and Soft

Yesterday’s activity was super easy to set up and basically free. And best of all: Juniper loved it!

Learning About Soft and Hard

What You’ll Need

A bucket/box/bag filled with various toys and household objects
2 buckets/bowls/boxes to divide the toys into
2 pieces of paper, and a marker to write “Soft” on one and “Hard” on the other


We found a comfy place on the floor, I explained the activity and Juniper dived right in. She loved feeling each toy and even closed her eyes for a few and felt them without looking. I put in a couple of ‘trick’ toys that were both hard and soft – like a little plastic dog with curly soft hair. Juniper would point them out to me before making an executive decision as to where they went.

“This guy is hard AND soft Mama, but I’ll put her in soft because there is already another dog there to keep her company”


The activity itself was nice and easy for her, which gave her lots of confidence and made her feel accomplished which was nice. I’ve found that it’s good to break up the more difficult activities with nice and simple ones so that Juniper doesn’t get discouraged or frustrated.. activity time is supposed to be fun after all!

Current Planner Set-up – Tabs

I’ve been meaning to do a post about my planner set up for a while, because I’ve been in blissful “planner peace” stage for a while.. it seems kind of ridiculous that I’m motivated to do it now, just when I’m coming out of planner peace mode and transitioning to a new system but that’s exactly what I’m doing!

The system below is what I’ve been using for the last year – which is a record for me. Usually I’m on the hunt for the perfect planner or tweaking my inserts as I go trying to find the system that’s JUST right. For the last year this is the system that has been just right.. and it would probably have continued to be, but life just seems to be getting busier!

What I’m using:

Filofax A5 Holborn Zip in Brown


Prior to the Holborn I was in a Filofax A5 sketch which I got for a great price from Brands Exclusive. I got the sketch because I wanted to test out the size on a cheaper filo before I committed to the Holborn. Then, by the time I was committed to the size the Holborn zip was EXCRUCIATINGLY difficult to find, but find it I did!

In the Holborn I have the following tabs:


Let’s Take a Closer Look at Each Section:

To Dos

This section is pretty obvious. This is where I keep my master to do list and my GTD brain dump pages, as well as spare to do list pages.

Daily Reminders

This section is a little bit mislabeled but includes

– My Flylady Morning Routine
– My Flylady Evening Routine
– Daily reminders for tasks around the house
– My Flylady Weekly Home Blessing List- My Daily tracking list

I’ll go through each of those lists in another post to explain how I break up my time during each day

Meals & Shopping

Our actual grocery lists are all done via the couple app on our iPhones but this section includes

– Wishlists for each member of the family
– Information about big purchases coming up (eg: new washing machine)
– Meals that have been favourites, for when I can’t think of anything good to cook
– A list of expected mail that is yet to be received
– A shopping list for upcoming craft activities for Juniper – we do a supply run every month


This section is mostly related to my business finances, but there are a few personal lists in there as well.

– Invoices
– Work that is yet to be billed
– A current pricelist for my services and clients specific prices where applicable
– A household savings register
– A register of autism related expenses for our Juniper’s resources and treatments


This is pretty straightforward, I keep all our families information in here, from tax file numbers to bank account details, passport numbers, superannuation details, medicare numbers, life insurance policies etc. I also keep some cryptic password reminders in here and pro and cons lists and ‘make a decision’ pages for when we need to make a big decision.


This is just me opening ruler for the planner. I currently have A5 Week on 2 Page Life is Crafted inserts in, I’ll discuss them in more detail in my next post.


This is a bit of a fun section. Here I keep my bucket list, gratitude lists, life highlights list, things I’m proud of acheiving, and some personal goal planning stuff. A lot of the inserts in this sections came with the Life is Crafted pack, and even after I move away from that system I’ll continue to use those.


This is my scribble section and is filled with blank and lined paper.. I clean out this section at the end of each week and either file/copy information into the relevant sections of my planner or throw them away.

Contacts and Info

This is obviously for addresses and phone numbers but I also keep my birthday lists and special dates to remember lists in this section.



The dividers themselves came from this seller on Etsy and were a combination of side, bottom and top tabs.







A Page Lifter for my Planner

One of the things that always bugged me about my ring bound planner – currently an A5 Holborn Zip Filofax – was that when I closed it, the pages often got stuck behind the rings.

I had tried to avoid the issue as much as possible by putting plastic envelopes etc at the back of the filofax and that seemed to help a little, but it wasn’t until I saw this video by Josh LaPorte that I really understood that there was a solution for my binder woes!

So, after I watched Josh’s video and my own little ‘AHA’ moment, I went online to find some of my own. First I tried the timesystem one’s that Josh mentioned in the video, only to discover that they wanted $135 shipping for a $6 parcel (um, no thanks!).. I searched and searched to no avail.. and eventually just decided to make my own!


They are MUCH prettier than the timesaver ones (if I do say so myself!) and work perfectly.

Make Your Own Page Lifter For Your Planner

What You’ll Need

1 A4, or 2 A5 sheets of heavy cardstock
A hole punch
Washi Tape

I repurposed the heavy cardboard backing of an A4 writing pad that I was using for writing letters (Clairefontaine A4 Lined – Fountain pen friendly!) and cut the A4 page in half. I covered the lot in extra wide washi tape, lined up the cardstock with my binder to measure out where the holes needed to be, and then used the hole punch to make extra wide (cloud shaped!) holes.

NB: the page lifter needs to have bigger holes than the rest of your pages if it’s going to effectively bring all your pages to the middle as it’s supposed to.


It works beautifully, and I can’t believe I haven’t been using something like this forever! A big thank you to Josh for helping me see what was needed to fix this annoying binder issue!

Wishing for Washi

I’ve been a planner girl for a decade now, but I admit that I’ve only just started getting into washi tape. These days I’m washi mad. Recently I picked up a nice haul from Typo, and some cute little storage options from Etsy..

Take a look!


Washi inside the Typo Snoopy tin ❤


A washi storage idea from Etsy



Are you looking for some inspiration for how to use your wide washi? Click here



Learning About Colour Mixing

My husband Luke is a painter. Well to be precise he is a chef by night, and a painter by day.

He’s crazy about painting and will gladly talk to you about the specifics for hours at a time if you let him – so he was really excited about this activity and enjoyed showing Juniper how to make all sorts of colours from just the 3 basic primary colours: yellow, magenta and cyan.

(that’s just fancy talk to yellow, red and blue – but DH would be disappointed in me if I didn’t use the correct terms at least once in this post about colour mixing).

Learning about Colour Mixing

What You’ll Need

Paint – red blue and yellow
Paper plates
Paintbrushes – or just fingers!!

Aside from the list above, all you really need for this is a place for everyone to get messy! Put the three colours on the plate (or you can use a few different ones) and get them to play. Luke enjoyed asking Juniper where the green was, before magically creating it for her, and was very impressed when she made her own orange.

All in all it was a really inexpensive activity, it was easy to set up for and everyone had a lot of fun.