Masking Tape Paintings

We ended up using our masking tape activity in 2 ways – thanks to Juniper taking the lead.

In the first activity, Juniper used the masking tape on the paper as a guide and followed it along to make a picture. In the second she painted the whole paper, and then we peeled off the masking tape to reveal a picture in relief. Let’s take a look!

Masking Tape Painting

What you’ll need:

Plain white paper
White masking tape
Paint & Brushes

I made the masking tape pictures in advance so that they were ready to go on the day.

masking tape painting
(NB: The person is supposed to look like she is holding a balloon – not an axe!)

We set juniper up with some paint and let her decide what to do. She used yellow paint on the “axe murderer” picture, using the masking tape as a guide for what she painted.


Then, she painted all over the page with the turtle masking tape – which was good because that is what I had planned the activity for! Sometimes it’s very difficult to remember to let her lead the activity instead of telling her what she is ‘supposed’ to do.. but in this case it was easy.





We asked Juniper to guess what the picture was going to be as we removed each layer of masking tape, and it was quite hilarious the answers she came up with.


She was really thrilled with the end result and wanted to put it on the fridge, which she doesn’t often do.



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