Learning About Colour Mixing

My husband Luke is a painter. Well to be precise he is a chef by night, and a painter by day.

He’s crazy about painting and will gladly talk to you about the specifics for hours at a time if you let him – so he was really excited about this activity and enjoyed showing Juniper how to make all sorts of colours from just the 3 basic primary colours: yellow, magenta and cyan.

(that’s just fancy talk to yellow, red and blue – but DH would be disappointed in me if I didn’t use the correct terms at least once in this post about colour mixing).

Learning about Colour Mixing

What You’ll Need

Paint – red blue and yellow
Paper plates
Paintbrushes – or just fingers!!

Aside from the list above, all you really need for this is a place for everyone to get messy! Put the three colours on the plate (or you can use a few different ones) and get them to play. Luke enjoyed asking Juniper where the green was, before magically creating it for her, and was very impressed when she made her own orange.

All in all it was a really inexpensive activity, it was easy to set up for and everyone had a lot of fun.




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