Learning About Hard and Soft

Yesterday’s activity was super easy to set up and basically free. And best of all: Juniper loved it!

Learning About Soft and Hard

What You’ll Need

A bucket/box/bag filled with various toys and household objects
2 buckets/bowls/boxes to divide the toys into
2 pieces of paper, and a marker to write “Soft” on one and “Hard” on the other


We found a comfy place on the floor, I explained the activity and Juniper dived right in. She loved feeling each toy and even closed her eyes for a few and felt them without looking. I put in a couple of ‘trick’ toys that were both hard and soft – like a little plastic dog with curly soft hair. Juniper would point them out to me before making an executive decision as to where they went.

“This guy is hard AND soft Mama, but I’ll put her in soft because there is already another dog there to keep her company”


The activity itself was nice and easy for her, which gave her lots of confidence and made her feel accomplished which was nice. I’ve found that it’s good to break up the more difficult activities with nice and simple ones so that Juniper doesn’t get discouraged or frustrated.. activity time is supposed to be fun after all!


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