Fine Motor – Sticker Fun

Juniper is just at the age now where she is able to start peeling off her own stickers, which is exciting because I’ve had this activity in the craft cupboard for her for a while.

We got the print out packs from this eBay seller but you could just as easily print some out yourself – or even draw them if you wanted to. I have a love hate relationship with my printer that is much closer to hate than love, so I avoid printing at all costs.

Fine Motor Skills – Sticker Art

What You’ll Need

Print or draw your own designs on some A4 paper
Coloured stickers


Perhaps because of her autism, Juniper has always struggled with fine motor activities and gets very frustrated because she can’t do them as well as she wants to. In this case she was angry that she couldn’t get the dots to exactly fit the circles (I don’t know where she gets her perfectionism! Certainly not from me!), but overall she had a lot of fun with this activity.





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