Filofax Meets Flylady

I’ve been wanting to do a comprehensive look at how I’m using the DIYfish inserts, but I’ve had a few requests for a post about how I use my filofax to help me organise my flylady household goals so I thought I would share that today, and keep working on the DIYfish post for another day.

Today I’ll also be sharing more information about my ‘Daily Reminders‘ tab as promised in my TABS rundown, so stay tuned for that as well.

Filofax Meets Flylady

For any readers who don’t already know about the flylady, you can visit her website here.

If you struggle to keep your house clean, or you feel overwhelmed by housekeeping she is a great help.

Daily Tasks

Every day I have a few small things that I do to keep the house running and reasonably tidy I’ll go into more detail with those in my ‘Daily Reminders‘ post, but to give you a quick outline of the daily tasks that relate to flylady:

* Make the beds
* Do a load of Washing – wash, dry AND fold/put away
* Quickly ‘swish’ the toilets
* Wipe down the bathroom sink
* Do the dishes – wash, dry and put away
* Shine my sink
* Put out fresh dish towels for the morning

Weekly Tasks

Part of the flylady system is to have a ‘weekly home blessing hour’ but rather than do that on a Monday as she suggests I break it up over the week. I have a sheet of those tasks – tweaked to suit my family and circumstances – and the days I prefer to do them. I have a clear flyleaf over the top, and when a chore is done I tick it off with a whiteboard marker. At the end of the week the flyleaf is wiped clean and I don’t have to write a new list for each week.




My ZONES tab has 5 pages, each with a flylady zone outlined on it. The zones align with the zones on the flylady website, but have been changed to suit our home.

I use a clear filofax flyleaf page as a marker, so that I can easily see which zone I’m currently in, and like with the weekly tasks above, I use a whiteboard marker on the flyleaf itself to mark off completed items. When it’s time to move onto a new zone, I simply wipe it clean. That system means that I can reuse the zone pages and not worry about them getting messed up.

Flylady zones in my filofax planner

Flylady zones in my filofax planner





    1. I bought mine from a UK seller on ebay. They come in a pack of 2. The seller is called “roxy*books” I think. If you’re in Australia, I think the organiser shop also stocks them.

    2. I have a Staples near me and purchased planner sized page protectors. I can then put my zones / or routines into those back to back (which saves a little room in my already cramped binder). I also use wipe off markers and a wet wipe to clean up at the end of the day/ week !!

  1. So glad I found this. I have been following Flylady since 2001, but I always struggled with doing the zones and keeping the journal system up. the Flyleaf pages are brilliant. I just flip right to it! DUH!

  2. wow! I’ve printed out the flylady’s handbook, zones, etc.which took up LOTS of space and used TONS of paper and this is sooooooo much more concise! great idea!! thanks for sharing

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