Month: January 2015

Gillio Giramondo Review & Setup

I’ve had my newest addition to my planner family for about a week now so I thought it was time to share some photos of the setup in my new planner.

Those of you who follow this blog will know that I am a binder girl when it comes to my planners. I’ve been a binder fanatic ever since I got my first ever Filofax about 8 years ago, so adopting the ‘traveller’s notebook’ format has been a big step for me.

If you don’t already know what a traveller’s notebook is, take a look at this “Filofax vs Travelers Notebook” video to get an overview.

I did a lot of research before I decided on the system I wanted to test out, and in the end I chose to go with the Gillio Giramondo. It took some patience, the website has been out of stock forever (at least it feels that way to me!) and these babies are hard to come by, but I was lucky enough to be having a bout of insomnia about the same time that Melissa at Pembroke Papers, decided to list hers for sale on the Gillio Marketplace, and I snatched it up.

Let’s take a look:


As you can see I got the green epoca leather. Truthfully it wouldn’t have been my first choice of colour but I really love it!

IMG_1620 IMG_1621

The Giramondo cover comfortably fits 5 notebooks inside, as well as the midori plastic zip insert. This is how I have the notebooks strung currently; two on the first elastic and 3 on the second.


I am not using any elastic bookmarks, instead choosing to use oli clips as page markers. I prefer the neatness of the ollies and the dangly bits of the elastic bookmarks annoy me a little – I’m weird like that.


My first insert is the zip insert from Midori filled with stickers and my “If lost please call” project life card.


Then I have a Ray Blake Original month on 2 pages (MO2P) insert which has all of 2015 and 2016 inside.


Next is the Ray Blake day on 1 page (DO1P) inserts. These hold 2 months to a booklet. I have the January opening of the first booklet oli clipped to today’s opening in the second booklet so I easily move between the two booklets without having to flip between unnecessary pages.


I use the DO1P pages in the bullet journal format to easily see my tasks, notes and events for the day. I’ve only been using this system for a week now, but I’m loving it so far. It’s not as pretty as my Life is Crafted inserts but it’s certainly as functional.

The third notebook/insert is a standard blank Midori insert and I use it as my personal journal:


The fourth booklet was a gift included in the Giramondo parcel from Pembroke Papers (thanks Melissa!) and I use that one for my brain dump book, and the fifth booklet is a standard Midori lined notebook which I use for various lists.


So how is it working out for me?

Well, the Gillio Giramondo cover is gorgeous of course. Gillio are known for their spectacular leather and this cover is no exception. But it’s functional too, the Giramondo cover is slightly wider than the original Midori one, so it can hold more notebooks without overhang which I like a lot. With my current set up none of my inserts are touching the closure elastic at all which I love.

One of the reasons I bought the Giramondo over other brands was because it had the additional pockets and credit card slots but actually I’m not using them at all.

As for the inserts/set up, I’ve been in the TN now for a week and I haven’t even glanced at my Van Der Spek. Y’all know I love the A5 size binders because you can fit so much in, I can never get used to a personal binder because there just isn’t enough writing space. Well, this is the best of both worlds. It’s more portable than an A5 (by a lot!!) and because there are no rings, you don’t lose ANY writing space like you would with a personal binder.

So, it turns out that this binder gal might just turn out to be a TN girl after-all. The system is excellent, and the Giramondo cover definitely gets 5 stars.