Month: December 2015

Planning for Personal Growth in 2016

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that I’m in the middle of my ‘Getting Organised for 2016’ blog series. I had intended that Part 2 be about my university planner, but since I still have almost 2 months until uni begins for the year I thought I would skip right to Personal Growth Planning instead.

The one thing I’ve found about goal setting for personal growth is that to see results I really need to make a plan, and for me (and most planner addicts) that means putting pen to paper. And the more beautiful the paper the better!

The one resource I swear by for personal growth and goal setting is the Leonie Dawson life planning kit. It’s beautiful and inspiring, as well as being quite inexpensive, and best of all, it really helps me to focus on all the different areas of my life.


There are a few options available from the site, if you just want to focus on personal growth in 2016 there is a ‘life‘ planner, if you want to expand your business in 2016 then there is a ‘biz‘ planner, and if you want to flourish in both areas you can get a discounted combo kit. There is also a yearly planner/diary type thing (but as you know I’m all set in that department for 2016).

I’m feeling pretty comfortable with my business growth from last year so I skipped the biz planner this year and just bought the 2016 shining life kit, which includes a gorgeous 160 page goal setting book and a yearly wall planner.



The book itself is gorgeous, with beautiful illustrations and thick glossy paper. It sounds silly but every time I open it I feel so excited for 2016. One of my favourite parts about the booklet is the “closing ceremony” section. Before you begin planning your goals for 2016, you reflect on 2015 and celebrate your wins and take stock of what you achieved (as well as what you didn’t).


After the closing ceremony, you delve into creating a map for what you want to achieve in 2016 and there are a bunch of gorgeous sections including:

Travel & Adventures


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Each section has about 5 pages, filled with questions and illustrations to help inspire you.

About half way through the book is a ‘100 things to do in 2016’ section which I LOVE. As a long time ‘project zero-er’ and total list addict I am super excited to fill in this part (and start ticking things off!).



There’s also lots of extras like what to do when you ‘fall off the wagon’ and forget to chase your goals and how to deal with bad days, but I won’t share too much because half the fun is opening the book and taking a look through it for yourself!

There is also a Facebook group of “Shining Life & Biz” fans filled with lots of inspiring and helpful women, and Leonie herself has lots of programs and resources available on her site, but I can’t vouch for them because I’m just a stationery devotee, I haven’t tried out the rest of her stuff.

This particular bundle is the 2016 life goals workbook which cost me $21.95 (AUD). The biz goals book costs the same, and there are also bundled kits available, as well as a more inexpensive digital version of each.

So! That’s it for my personal goal setting. If you’re using a different planner or resource for your personal goal setting I’d love to read about it. Leave me a comment below.

Stay tuned for my 2016 university planner set up, coming later this week.


Getting Organised for 2016

The holiday season is one of my favourite times of year because the approaching new year means a shiny new planner set up.

Generally throughout the year I try not to change my planner up too much, so the new year gives me an opportunity to tweak my current system and add some new goodies to my stash.

My planner life consists of 3 separate areas, so over the next week I’ll publish 3 different posts to give you an idea of where I’m at and what tools I’ll be incorporating to keep me organised in 2016.

This first post will be about my day-t0-day planner, followed by one for my study/university planner, and one for my personal growth and goals set up.

So, without further ado:

Getting Organised in 2016: Day-to-Day Planning

If you’ve read my “how to use a planner to get organised” post, then you’ll know that I am a big fan of only having one active calendar, no matter how many planners you have. So, while I have 3 planner systems, only one of them has an actual calendar in it. In my opinion this is crucial for keeping on top of everything in your life. More calendars means more ways for stuff to fall through the cracks which is just setting yourself up for failure.

This year I’m using my trusty old Holborn Zip as my main planner. I’ve had this lovely thing for about 4 years now and it’s in great shape. I also have an A5 VDS which I adore, but nothing beats being able to stuff things into a zipped planner and know they’ll be safe until you need them again.

Meet the Holborn. She’s not as pretty as some, but she’s not delicate either and that’s what I like about her.


This year I’ve chosen printable inserts from the “Perfectly Organised” etsy store. They are very similar to what I was using last year, but with a slightly different colour scheme to make it feel fresh and new.


The main thing I’ve found with a weekly view planner, is that I need a section to put upcoming events/appointments. So I’ve changed the IMPORTANT box in this printable to a NEXT WEEK box, where I can write down any big events in the coming week. That way I don’t get blindsided on Monday morning when I flip the page to the new week.

I don’t do a lot of decoration in my main planner, but I do allow myself one planner luxury throughout the year and that is stickers. There’s just something about playing with stickers that makes me happy. I tend to prefer functional stickers over decorative ones, and my favourite way to create stickers that work for my family is by personalising the Erin Condren photo stickers.

They are $5 per sheet of 30 stickers and you can put anything you like on them. You can have the same sticker 30 times or 30 different stickers or any combination in between. I got a bunch of these this year, including: swimming lesson stickers for my daughter, “due” stickers for work projects, “7 days” stickers to warn me of uni assignment due dates and so much more. It was a lot of fun creating them and they really stand out in my planner which makes staying organised super easy.


The one problem with stickers is that they can be difficult to store. I’ve chosen to store mine in a 4×6 photo album which I picked up super cheap from a dollar store. I’ve categorised each pouch for easy access: work, school, family, money, housework etc


Aside from the main calendar section in this planner, I also have a few other tabs. Including:

This section has all of our bank account information, utility account numbers, license numbers, passport details. It’s basically a quick reference guide for anything we might need for each member of the family.
Pretty self explanatory!

Shopping & Budgets
Here I write meal plans and shopping lists, all my budgets and financial information, as well as wishlists for each family member.
Here I have a master to-do list, broken up into smaller to do lists including the flylady section, which I’ve covered in another post.

PRO TIP: To avoid ‘to-do list panic’ choose only 3 things a day from the master list and add them into your personal tasks each day. If you get them done and have spare time choose 3 more.



So that’s the basic run down of my day-to-day planner for 2016. If you have any questions about the set up (or anything else) leave a question in the comments below, and stay tuned for the student and personal goals updates coming later in the week.

Happy planning!