Outdoor Activities

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

This is a great activity that can be done indoors (at a mall for example) or outdoors – provided there’s lots of signage around. It would even work to keep kids entertained on a long car trip.. maybe a license plate alphabet scavenger hunt? Or you could even use it to keep the kids busy while you do the grocery shopping.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

What You’ll Need

A piece of paper with the alphabet on it
A pen to cross the ‘found’ items off


We gave Juniper a highlighter to cross her letters off with, she is only 3 so doesn’t have spectacular fine motor skills yet, but that’s just another reason why this was a great activity because she got in some more practice.


The weather wasn’t great here today so we went to Noosa Civic for our hunt. We spent a while walking around, before finding a good spot in the food court to find some more letters. Then we walked around again to find the trickier letters (Q, X, Z!).


Juniper had a bit of difficulty concentrating for such a long time and she was quite tired at the end of it all, but really proud of herself too when she found the last letter of the day.