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Filofax ~ Daily Reminders

Way back when I did my TABS post I promised that I would give you a closer look at my Daily Reminders Tab, so here I am (better late than never right?).

Daily Reminders Tab

The tab itself is probably a bit mislabeled because there is weekly reminder stuff in here as well – oh well!



First off I have my Erin Condren custom A5 FUNctional family checklist. The checklist came in a pad of 25, which will be a 6 month supply. I hole-punch a new sheet at the start each week and add it into my Filofax.


The list includes my flylady daily tasks, personal tasks, business tasks and some family related tasks as well. It’s not a comprehensive look at what I do each day, but it helps me get on track if I get distracted during the day.


Next is my daily tracking page. This serves as a reminder of each of the things I want to record each day.


I keep a record of these things on my DIYfish Do2P layout.

Most of them appear in my TODAY section at the top of the page on the right. This isn’t a very clear picture but it will help you see what I mean.


In that section in track:

* Dinner
* Incoming Mail
* Purchases for the day
* Luke’s Roster
* Which TED talk I watched that day
* Which book I’m currently reading (I read min. 10 pages a day)
* What planned activities Juniper and I did
* Blog topic

The blue column on the right page is my food/behaviour tracking for Juniper.
The column in red is my business related to-dos for each day.


In my daily reminders section I also have a handwritten collection of some of my favourite motivational quotes to keep me motivated if I need it. And I have a list of the Flylady 11 commandments.

Weekly Reminders

Finally, I have a list of weekly reminders. Which I cover with a clear flyleaf page. I mark off items directly on the flyleaf with a whiteboard marker so I can just wipe it clean at the end of the week and I don’t have to worry about rewriting the list.



Overall this system has been working really well for me, particularly in conjunction with my flylady ZONES tab set-up.

If you’d like to take a closer look at any of my other sections, leave a comment and I’ll do another post.