Current Planner Set-up – Tabs

I’ve been meaning to do a post about my planner set up for a while, because I’ve been in blissful “planner peace” stage for a while.. it seems kind of ridiculous that I’m motivated to do it now, just when I’m coming out of planner peace mode and transitioning to a new system but that’s exactly what I’m doing!

The system below is what I’ve been using for the last year – which is a record for me. Usually I’m on the hunt for the perfect planner or tweaking my inserts as I go trying to find the system that’s JUST right. For the last year this is the system that has been just right.. and it would probably have continued to be, but life just seems to be getting busier!

What I’m using:

Filofax A5 Holborn Zip in Brown


Prior to the Holborn I was in a Filofax A5 sketch which I got for a great price from Brands Exclusive. I got the sketch because I wanted to test out the size on a cheaper filo before I committed to the Holborn. Then, by the time I was committed to the size the Holborn zip was EXCRUCIATINGLY difficult to find, but find it I did!

In the Holborn I have the following tabs:


Let’s Take a Closer Look at Each Section:

To Dos

This section is pretty obvious. This is where I keep my master to do list and my GTD brain dump pages, as well as spare to do list pages.

Daily Reminders

This section is a little bit mislabeled but includes

– My Flylady Morning Routine
– My Flylady Evening Routine
– Daily reminders for tasks around the house
– My Flylady Weekly Home Blessing List- My Daily tracking list

I’ll go through each of those lists in another post to explain how I break up my time during each day

Meals & Shopping

Our actual grocery lists are all done via the couple app on our iPhones but this section includes

– Wishlists for each member of the family
– Information about big purchases coming up (eg: new washing machine)
– Meals that have been favourites, for when I can’t think of anything good to cook
– A list of expected mail that is yet to be received
– A shopping list for upcoming craft activities for Juniper – we do a supply run every month


This section is mostly related to my business finances, but there are a few personal lists in there as well.

– Invoices
– Work that is yet to be billed
– A current pricelist for my services and clients specific prices where applicable
– A household savings register
– A register of autism related expenses for our Juniper’s resources and treatments


This is pretty straightforward, I keep all our families information in here, from tax file numbers to bank account details, passport numbers, superannuation details, medicare numbers, life insurance policies etc. I also keep some cryptic password reminders in here and pro and cons lists and ‘make a decision’ pages for when we need to make a big decision.


This is just me opening ruler for the planner. I currently have A5 Week on 2 Page Life is Crafted inserts in, I’ll discuss them in more detail in my next post.


This is a bit of a fun section. Here I keep my bucket list, gratitude lists, life highlights list, things I’m proud of acheiving, and some personal goal planning stuff. A lot of the inserts in this sections came with the Life is Crafted pack, and even after I move away from that system I’ll continue to use those.


This is my scribble section and is filled with blank and lined paper.. I clean out this section at the end of each week and either file/copy information into the relevant sections of my planner or throw them away.

Contacts and Info

This is obviously for addresses and phone numbers but I also keep my birthday lists and special dates to remember lists in this section.



The dividers themselves came from this seller on Etsy and were a combination of side, bottom and top tabs.








Wide Washi

I’ve had a few people asking what I use my extra-wide washi tape for so I thought I would share a few examples for inspiration:

Washi on my GTD colour coding/index cheat sheet page:



Wide washi on my planner page/sheet lifters


Looking for some storage ideas for your washi? Click here