Top Planner Tools for 2017

It’s that time of year again – time to get ready for a new year of planning!

If you’re anything like me you were probably a sucker for the “back to school” stationery run before the start of the school year when you were a kid. For me, calendar/planner shopping in December is my adult version of that and I just love it.

So what tools do I have in my arsenal for 2017?

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 8.19.12 pm.png

One thing I know about my own personality is that I’m very good at KEEPING on top of things, but I’m not always very good at getting back on top of them if I get slack, so I have to make sure I start the new year as strong as possible and stay on track. The best way to do that is to have the right planning tools.

#1: Time Management Binder


I bought this beautiful A6 ring bound planner from Van Der Spek 12 months ago and it has been my main planner for the entirety of 2016. That has never happened to me before and I can honestly say that this planner might end up being the only binder style planner that I use from here on out. A6 is the perfect size for me. Wider than the personal, which always felt too “listy” and much more portable than the A5. I’m thrilled with this size.


One downside of the A6 size is that it’s not yet very popular, so there aren’t a huge range of inserts available for it. I found a woman on Etsy who does custom designed inserts for an amazing price. I got a full year’s worth of inserts, fully custom designed to my specifications for $30 AUD including shipping from The Netherlands. The design I chose is super minimalist but Lizzu can design anything you like. Check out her shop here.


For monthly planning I have inserts from here.

#2: Personal Growth

I absolutely cannot get enough of these Leonie Dawson products. The eBook versions start at just $10! I discovered her a few years ago now and her books have completely transformed my life. I know, I know, that sounds insane, but there is just something about them that sets off sparks for me. They are so beautiful, and as you work through them you can feel yourself consciously settingĀ  intentions. It’s very powerful. If you want to make changes in your life and you’re not sure how to do it, or you’re looking for some inspiration or direction for your future I highly recommend getting these books and working through them. In the years I’ve been buying them I’ve experienced amazing growth in my personal life. I’m more motivated and inspired than I’ve ever been before and if I could only buy ONE planner tool for 2017 the life planner pack from Leonie Dawson would be it.





#3: Business Planning

If you’re a business owner as well (or you want to be) you might also be interested in her biz planner pack. The digital version starts at just $10, or you can get the actual books mailed out to your address. I’ve had my own business now for 6 years and I have 2 secrets to success. The first is forward planning. When you’re a business owner it can be tough finding time to really focus on growing your business in a meaningful way.. you’re always so busy dealing with the day to day stuff and it can be hard to see the big picture. Taking time at the end of the year to reflect on the previous 12 months and to map out a strategy for the new year is so incredibly important for business growth and I recommend everyone with a business – no matter how small – make time to do it. You don’t have to have pretty pages to get it done, any plain paper will do, but if you want something pretty that you’ll enjoy filling out you can buy my favourite business planner here.





My second secret is to surround myself with inspiring, motivated and like-minded people. I have a few groups that I’m a member of, all filled with inspiring business owners who have mentored me and helped me achieve great things and I really recommend that any business owner find themselves a group that fits their goals and lifestyle. If you’re looking for a diverse, vibrant, online group that is part magical motivator academy and part support group the shining academy is a great place to start. Check them out here. Membership has a fee but it will absolutely change your life.



The Personal & Biz planning packs also come with a beautiful 2017 diary which is completely gorgeous and makes a great gift if, like me, you already have a permanent planner like a filofax or VDS. I’m giving mine away! So if you want a chance to receive the 2017 diary for yourself, share this post on one of your social media platforms with the hashtag #peacefulparentplannergiveaway and comment below telling me where you shared it and your favourite thing about planning for the new year. The prize pack will include the 2017 diary, and an A3 2017 wall poster to track your goals. I’ll contact the winner via email on Christmas day.







Welcoming the Gorgeous Gillio Mia Cara

This year has been a good planner year for me. My collection has grown, and shrunk and grown again, and I have expanded my taste from being solely a ‘filofax gal’ to being a bit of a planner connoisseur.. at least that’s how it felt this morning when this beautiful Mia Cara landed on my doorstep!

photo 1

Those of you who follow the blog will know that I splurged on a Van Der Spek earlier this year, and while the VDS has become a permanent part of my collection (Velda is my time management planner), when the chance to buy this (third hand!) Gillio came up I simply couldn’t say no.

photo 3

I got a great deal on her, even though she is barely a month old, because Kate (her 2nd owner) felt bad about not loving her enough – this is how I know that planner people are my people, they are as sentimental about these bits of leather and metal as I am!

photo 4

She is going to be my ‘love binder’ where I’m going to collect all those little things that make me happy. AKA my thanksgiving, motivation and inspiration binder. Which is especially perfect since I bought her on thanksgiving day.

photo 5

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to petting her.

Filofax ~ Daily Reminders

Way back when I did my TABS post I promised that I would give you a closer look at my Daily Reminders Tab, so here I am (better late than never right?).

Daily Reminders Tab

The tab itself is probably a bit mislabeled because there is weekly reminder stuff in here as well – oh well!



First off I have my Erin Condren custom A5 FUNctional family checklist. The checklist came in a pad of 25, which will be a 6 month supply. I hole-punch a new sheet at the start each week and add it into my Filofax.


The list includes my flylady daily tasks, personal tasks, business tasks and some family related tasks as well. It’s not a comprehensive look at what I do each day, but it helps me get on track if I get distracted during the day.


Next is my daily tracking page. This serves as a reminder of each of the things I want to record each day.


I keep a record of these things on my DIYfish Do2P layout.

Most of them appear in my TODAY section at the top of the page on the right. This isn’t a very clear picture but it will help you see what I mean.


In that section in track:

* Dinner
* Incoming Mail
* Purchases for the day
* Luke’s Roster
* Which TED talk I watched that day
* Which book I’m currently reading (I read min. 10 pages a day)
* What planned activities Juniper and I did
* Blog topic

The blue column on the right page is my food/behaviour tracking for Juniper.
The column in red is my business related to-dos for each day.


In my daily reminders section I also have a handwritten collection of some of my favourite motivational quotes to keep me motivated if I need it. And I have a list of the Flylady 11 commandments.

Weekly Reminders

Finally, I have a list of weekly reminders. Which I cover with a clear flyleaf page. I mark off items directly on the flyleaf with a whiteboard marker so I can just wipe it clean at the end of the week and I don’t have to worry about rewriting the list.



Overall this system has been working really well for me, particularly in conjunction with my flylady ZONES tab set-up.

If you’d like to take a closer look at any of my other sections, leave a comment and I’ll do another post.



Monday Mail Round Up 7/7

Some weeks I get a lot of mail. Some weeks, not so much.

It is a testament to my online shopping addiction that I can’t remember the last time I went a whole week without getting something fun in the mail.

Here is the round up of this past week’s fun stuff:


Project life cards from Ebay & Oli Clips from Little Bird Studio



Lots of skinny washi from this seller on Etsy, Printed DIYfish inserts (I outsourced that job) and quote cards to put in my planner from Larissa at The Organised Nest.







Planner stickers from Kawaii Stickers for You.



Frixion Pens



A pretty awesome week, mail-wise! As you can tell, I’m especially obsessed with my planner right now!




Just a quick note to add that I’m not affiliated with any of the businesses listed above and all items were purchased by me – and not gifted for review.